Below is the toolbox for PDF 4.x (Win & Mac) and PDF Reader 4.x (Win & Mac).

The shortcut key is listed next to each entry.

The toolbox button tips covers the following three versions of PDF:

  • PDF 4.x (Mac & Win)
  • PDF Business Tools (Mac & Win)
  • PDF Reader 4.x (Mac & Win)


Selecting your Tool

A small black triangle indicates a button has a 'fly-out' toolbar attached to it.

These 'fly-outs' are shown above, to the right of their 'parent' button. To activate these 'fly-out' toolbars in either PC or Mac, place your cursor over the 'parent' button. Click and hold down the (left) mouse button, the 'fly-out' will then appear. To select a 'fly-out' tool, keep your mouse button pressed and move the cursor over the desired tool's icon. The tool's button will now appear pressed 'in', indicating that it s now the selected tool for that 'set' of tools. Release the mouse button. The 'fly-out' disappears and the main toolbox shows the icon for whichever tool you selected from the 'fly-out'.


The lowest toolbar selection has a 'fly-out' that leads to small black arrow. This arrow is used for copy and paste image functions.



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