Did you know that you can use the thumbnails to determine a range of pages to print? Display the Thumbnail Tab (Window>Show/Hide Thumbnails. To select noncontiguous pages (pages that aren't next to each other) use the Control Key and select the Page Thumbnail (see Fig 1.1).

Fig 1.1



To select a range of pages, for example page 12 to 44, first click page 12 then hold down the SHIFT key and click Page 44, PDF will select pages 12 to 44. To select multiple ranges (e.g. 12 to 44 and 78 to 90) highlight the first series then hold down the SHIFT Key and drag an area around the second series of thumbnails. Now when you select 'Print' from the File Menu an otherwise disabled option 'Selected pages' will be selected, when you click print, PDF will only print the pages you selected (see Fig 1.2).


Fig 1.2

Note: Your 'drag area' should start in the dark gray background area behind the thumbnails, not over a thumbnail.


We have a free print range plug-in, you can download! (Click to download now).



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