Creating a Internet or E-mail Message Link

If you have ever wanted to have the user click a page, image, or button in a PDF form and have it bring up a World Wide Web Link or prefilled, pre-addressed e-mail, then read on.

Select the "Chain Link" button from the Adobe left toolbar.

Now right mouse click-hold-drag-and release in an area within the Adobe form area, to create a link area. This will bring up the following of Action Menu: 'World Wide Web Link' (see Fig 1.1) Now select the desired action from the "Action Type" drop down menu. For a web link or E-mail message, select the 'Edit URL...' button.

Fig 1.1

Fig 1.2


1) Creating a Internet Web Link

In the "Edit URL" entry area (see Fig 1.2) type in an Internet web address. Note: make sure you use the complete address, i.e.. http://www. preface. A good tip is to actually visit the web site address, and then copy and paste the web address from your browser. Click "OK", and you are finished.

2) Creating a Pre-addresses E-mail Message Link

In the "Edit URL" entry area (see Fig 1.2) instead of typing an Internet address (i.e. type (see Fig 1.2): When the link is clicked it will activate users e-mail software and enter the address automatically in a new e-mail message. Click "OK", and you are finished.

3) Additional Pre-addresses E-mail Message Options

In addition to just the Recipient's e-mail address you can also add a Subject: If you want to add spaces, you will need to put the characters '%20' in every time: You take it one step further and also add a small Body Message: (%0A will insert a Carriage Return for you)

If you want to control how Web Links are opened, click the Right Mouse Button on a Web Link and select one of the three options:

  1. Open WebLink in Browser (Netscape, Internet Explorer etc)
  2. Append To Document (Conversion of Web Page using Web Capture, pages placed at the end of the current PDF)
  3. Open WebLink as New Document (Conversion of Web Page using Web Capture in a new PDF document)

You can also extract the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for the Web Link by selecting the last option 'Copy Link Location'.

To repair a bad Internet link, simply follow the same above directions substituting the correct Internet web address in the "mailto" section.


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