If you've ever wanted to download a PDF or Reader plug-in only to not know what to do with it, then read on.

To download, you need to have a compressed file download program like the free WinZip. If you do not have a compressed file download program, you will need to install one now. To install the free WinZip (click here now).

Step 1:

Select the downloadable plug-in you desire, and download. Tip: Save it to your desktop and it will be easier to find.

Step 2:

Double click on the WinZip file you downloaded to your desktop, and open the folder containing the downloaded file content's.

Step 3:

You should see a single file with a .API extension. Copy this file, and exit.

Step 4:

1) Right Mouse Click on your Computers Start Button, and Select> Explore.

2) Find and Open the Programs Folder. Find and Open the Adobe Folder.

3) Open the Adobe Folder, and Find a Sub Folder named: PDF or Reader

4) Open the PDF or Reader Folder, and Find a Sub Folder named: Plug-ins.

5) Paste the New .API file into the Plug-ins Folder.

6) Close all Open Windows, until your Desktop Screen is Viewable.

7) Done! A New Plug-in upgrade has been added to your PDF or Reader.



The PDF plug-in will be viewable the next time you open the program. If you do not see a new button or file menu, look in the plug-ins menu on the top toolbar.

E-mail your PDF or ProForce Software tips to


Your Software!


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