If you have PDF 4.0 or 5.0, you have the ability to create, replace, or add forms to your ProForce software program. The first step is to understand how creating a new electronic form works. From any Windows program, you can convert an existing document to electronic PDF format, by simply selecting print, selecting PDF Writer as the printer choice, checking the print-to-file option, and finally printing. While it's easy to be mislead into thinking something will come out of your printer in fact, it will convert your open document into a PDF form in about 1-second.

The next step is to add form text entry fields to the new electronic form. Using the Form Tool as illustrated in example 1.1 below. Select the Form Tool by left mouse clicking it, and then drag a box square in the form with the mouse. Next name the new field, select text-check box-other, and click OK. That's it, you have created a field.


Example 1.1



To import a new form, open your ProForce software program in PDF, and select insert or replace page. You will then be prompted with options as to exactly where you want to place the new form. After making all your choices it will take some time for the import to complete, so we suggest letting your computer perform the task at the end of your day.

Once the import is done, you will right click anywhere on the folder background area, and select new bookmark. Now give the new form a name and create a new folder, or store it in an existing one.

Should you be replacing a form this option will not be needed, as it will just take the same place the old form used.

Reader users can create PDF electronic forms for free using the Adobe web site support section. To check it out; Click here.

To learn more about creating folders; Click here.


Most MLS Internet sites, all US and regional government sites, have PDF forms with fields already made. By simply saving their forms, you can bypass the form creation process, and import the free form.



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