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Welcome to the ProForce Corporation

"Technology Like You've Never Imagined"

The Corporate Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest-quality experience for ProForces’ customers, affiliates, employees and agents. Since 1994, ProForce Real Estate has provided high-quality home buyer and seller Realtor services. ProForces' number-one goal is to bring its clients and agents the competitive edge in Real Estate transactions via the latest technology and marketing systems available. ProForce is also dedicated to providing the highest Resales commission pay structure in the industry of up to 45%.

The Corporate Profile

PProForces' products include a complete line of Real Estate software products. ProForce has taken the lead in supporting its clients, agents, affiliates, customers, and prospects, which helps increase reseller abilities and choices.

The ProForces’ Printing and Fulfillment Services Division provides in-house printing and full-scale mailing operations for ProForces’ newsletters, directories and other customer support material. In FY98, Information Technology Support implemented an off-site Realtor Intranet.

The Facility and Administrative Services Team (FAST) maintains this powerful Intranet. The Realtor Intranet was a huge accomplishment and a project that brought lightning fast information access to ProForces’ employees and agents in the field. The development team include Network Technician & Designer Kevin Hitzemann, Graphic Artist & Designer Ryan Simula, Programmer Jerome Turner, and Script Writer Erika Hoffman.

The implementation of e-services in mid-1999, completed a vision of founder Steven M. Smith. For years Steven has thought the web should work for the customer. With e-service automated wizards, it now does just that. Point, click, done. The wizards take it from there. After all, most people have enough to do.

In fall-1999 ProForce became the first to create 100% digital real estate contracts and digital office solutions using the powerful Adobe Acrobat format. Nationwide shipping of this and other powerful software programs began an January first of 2000.

The Corporate Growth

When Steven Smith seized the opportunity to launch ProForce Real Estate in 1994 with a $1,000 investment, he was confident the new company that utilized emerging technologies would be a success. After all, he had superior experience in sales and computers and a dedication to improving the lives of his customers with the information and solutions the new company would provide. But Steven never dreamed that his new Real Estate enterprise would achieve the success that it has over the years.

Another key to the company's growth is our annual planning process which occurs each spring. Each ProForce division manager spends several weeks in an in-depth review of its agents, markets and its products. Then, budgets for each are formulated using sophisticated budget models. At annual planning meetings in late May, key managers present their business plans to the corporate leadership in working sessions. The company's annual plan is finalized by mid-July to serve as a blueprint for profitable growth in the new fiscal year, which begins on January 1st.

Our reach grows each day as more people turn to us for the specialized marketing systems, superior service, web information, and top shelf solutions we provide. ProForce bridges a gap by turning technology into solutions. Each new customer becomes an influential part of the ProForce family, helping to shape the company's direction by communicating the changing needs and desires of the marketplace by completing a thorough customer comment brochure. To better serve our customers, the company continues to add talented, energetic and entrepreneurial individuals to our team. We look upon every one of our employees and agents as business builders who, respond to the needs and desires of our customers and who serve as the catalyst for our continuing success. In turn, our rapid growth provides great opportunities for each member of our team to advance, both personally and professionally.

The Corporate Technology

In January 1997, ProForce launched, the only full-service Realtor Intranet web site network to offer an online work station. ProForce's goal is to help Realtors in the field by providing lightning fast information and tools that will provide the agent and client with greater solutions than ever before. It allows a ProForce agent to access and print brochures, tips and guides, letters, contracts and forms, community demographics and statistics, newsletters, office forms, and as well as find property, property values, and use financial calculators and perform home financing functions! The Intranet work station provides twelve separate work benches: (See the Online Realtor Network)

Finding Properties Office Downloads Data Mining
Relocation Tools Finance Tools Finance Calculators
Directories Tips & Guides Professional Services
Commercial Tools Brochures Support
MLS Access CMA Creation Demographic Reports


The Corporate Synergy

ProForce Real Estate continues to climb the ranks of Minnesota Real Estate companies. ProForce employees continually rededicate themselves to provide the highest quality information and services to our customers. Rapid growth has been a hallmark of ProForce Real Estates' throughout its 5-year history. That well-planned and executed growth has been accomplished in three ways. First, thanks to a team of business professionals unmatched by our competitors, ProForce has achieved rapid growth of with exciting new marketing products. Second, by supplying true personalized service to clients, thirsty for such in this fast paced business world. Third, the company continues to expand on the available technologies that enables us to provide additional services, cost saving choices and web site tools and information to our agents and existing or new customers.

The Corporate Commitment

The company is committed to helping our customers, affiliates, and agents make informed decisions on any Real Estate issue. We grow because we stay focused on our key objective of enabling our customers and agents to improve their marketing position and decision making skills through the superior information and solutions we offer.

Our goal always will be; to have an impact and make a difference in their lives, and to benefit them for being part of an extended ProForce Real Estate family.

Thank You For Your Time,





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