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Contact Adobe® for Adobe® Problems, and ProForce only for specific problems relating to the content, such as forms. Click the question mark icon on the left, to find Adobe® technical support telephone numbers.
Adobe® Customer Support Telephone Directory will provide you with direct person-to-person technical advise. Adobe® is known for their fast answering times, and quality support.

E-mail the ProForce Preferred Support Staff, and we can provide more help using links, help files, e-mail attachments, and more! Click the icon on the left to e-mail the support staff now, or call 480-797-2742 West Coast Time 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.

ProForce Return or Exchange Require an RMA Number, please click the image on the left and we can provide more help.
Report Bug: For those who find and report any software bugs or errors we always provide a treat! Send the ProForce technical staff a report or comment today!
Technical Support Emergency Pager: For those who purchased the service and free upgrades service contract, give the ProForce support staff a page for any emergency. We'll respond fast!
PDF® Reader® Technical Issues Search Engine!
ProForce Technical Help Line: 480-797-2742 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Western Time Monday through Friday.
Reader® Cannot Perform Advanced Editing Tasks. Only the full version of Adobe® PDF® has editing and other advanced features. You need to upgrade to solve your problem. Click the icon to learn more.

PDF® Version Editing Problems, may require setting changes. If you so not see a toolbar on the left, settings need to be changed. Click the left icon to learn more. See Settings Setup Instructions.

If you are Experiencing Printing Problems, you may need to view these great tips and helpful guides from Adobe.
Moving Pages or Forms the Easy way! If you've ever wondered how to move your documents, here's your chance to find out.
Print a Range of Pages using Thumbnails! You can even select noncontiguous pages (pages that are not next to each other).
Alter or Add Text to a Form?You can, and its even quite simple, once you know how!
Creating Pre-addressed E-mail Message Link is easy and fun, once you know how. Take a look at this easy guide.
Online Plug-in Upgrade Installation Instructions. Find out how to install those plug-in files.
Editors Choice--E-mail//Extract Plug-in Instructional Manual. Find out how to install the free e-mail//extract plug-in file, and the necessary setting changes for proper operation.
If You Cannot Find a "E-mail/save" Option when you select "File" from the top PDF® menu bar, you simple need to download, and install our free upgrade plug-in, and then adjust some settings. Click the left icon to download it now! Be Sure to See General Settings Instructions.
Editors Choice--E-mail//Extract Plug-in Instructional Manual. Find out how to install the free e-mail//extract plug-in file, and the necessary setting changes for proper operation.
Have a Dead Link? It's Easy to Fix! Select the "Link" icon from the left PDF® menu bar, you simple need to click the link area, and select from a variety of easy corrective options. Internet links rarely change, but when they do, it's an easy fix! (More on links in "Editing Section" above)
Online Training Movies, Movies are an excellent way to learn, and at your own pace. Select form movies like: Digital Signatures, Working with Forms, Creating New Forms, Adding Comments and Notes, and more!
It's Quite Easy Once You Understand How it Works. First, if you are creating a form, all you have to do is select print, next select "PDF® PDFwriter" as your printer from the print options selections. Even though it's hard to understand, this doesn't print, but rather converts the document to an PDF® form! Select an easy name to remember, and save to your desktop. Next open the new form, and customize with text entry fields or other features. When the new form is finished, open your Digital ProForce software, and select "Document >Insert Pages from the top menu. Choice selections allow for form replacement, additions, placement, and more. Form import takes time, so do it at end of day.
Be Sure to Register Your Software! By registering now, you will prevent any support delay later. Also, you can select to receive updates about new product features and more.
Want Premium Service and Free Software Upgrades? Select our premium annual service contract, and annually receive updated software for free!
Penalties for Software Piracy, Should we confirm your report, you will receive any software product we make for free!
Report ProForce Software Product Piracy, If the information you provide turns into a corporate lead, and if we get the company to legalize (by buying genuine ProForce software), ProForce will provide you with a free copy of any three software titles we make!
Report Adobe® Software Product Piracy, If the information you provide turns into a corporate lead and if Adobe® gets the company to legalize (by buying genuine Adobe® software), Adobe® will match the cost the company spent on legal software and send an equal amount of software to underprivileged schools in North America.
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