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_Just $169 provides:
Affidavits, Applications, Authorizations, Easements, Bonds, Deeds, Brochures, Contracts, Leases, Declarations, Certificates, Disclosures, Mortgages, Estimates, Demands, Notary, Powers, Schedules, Waivers, Tools, Manuals, Clip Art Gallery, and More!* 3,288 PDF Documents

  • CONTRACTS: 3,288 pages of Real Estate legal contracts, deeds, mortgages, leases, compiled into one virtual library.

  • RESOURCES: Manuals, Guides, Flyers, Brochures, and Clip-art/Logo Collection

  • Data-link Portal: A version of our "Internet Master" software, with 240-Data-linked Portals Preset to Resources and Information

    Relieves legal counsel: from clerical burden of assembling, distributing and revising a complex document package.

    Law firms: no longer have to continually update their library of document forms


    Amazing Electronic Productivity Tools

    Productivity tools like:
    Title holding methods, trustee sale timeline chart, contract clause samples, settlement cost manual, and more!

    Tools forms include fields like: drop-down selection, text-entry, radio buttons, check-box and other data fields, that make completion fast and easy.

    Better than paper, electronic form tools have data-entry fields, automated math calculations, hot spot web links, and more!

    Form Tool Sample

    Neat and Tidy Folder Categories

    Sorting through 3,288 forms and tools can be difficult. Our tree menu, with tidy-expanding folder categories provides the answer.

    Drag and drop forms to any folder you desire, using expandable PDF® software option functions.

    Digital Smart Forms Make Paper Obsolete!

    PDF forms have data-fillable fields like: text, check box, drop menu, radio buttons, and hot-spot web links, as well as automatic mathematical calculation and other functions that save valuable time. Electronic forms offer error-free e-mail distribution, crisper text, brighter colors, and much more!

    Smart PDF Form Sample

    Easily Customize by Adding Information
    Click for Sample Brochure

    Digital color brochures like: prepare for your closing details, how mortgage insurance works, owners mortgage policies, canceling mortgage insurance, consumers guide to PMI insurance, points guide, privacy policy and more!
    Easily add your name and contact information in the predefined text fields.

    Brochure Sample

    Professional Legal Documents
    View the complete forms list

    An invaluable collection of electronic legal forms, is included with this software.

    Includes forms like: affidavit, all inclusive promissory note, AKA's, declaration of trust, notes, quit claim deeds, warranty deeds, trust deeds, easement, compliance, contractors affidavit, lien claim, construction lien waiver, mechanics lien waiver, bill of sale, demand for compliance, easement, estoppel certificate, power of attorney, impound authorization, notary clause, release, satisfaction, satisfaction and discharge of lien, signature affidavit, signature verification, UCC-5, UCC-1, UCC-4, UCC-9, UCC-1Ad, UCC-3, UCC-3Ad, and tons more.

    Skyrocket Task Completion Time Tools

    A great collection of easy to use electronic forms like: deeds, notes, mortgages, assignments, securities, schedule a or b's, addendum's, trusts, and much more!
    Never before has a collection of forms been offered like this! Enjoy easily helping new customers prepare any real estate document, and the additional income it brings,

    Eliminate paper with electronic forms that use fast text entry fields, automated math calculations, and easy check boxes!

    Smart Form Samples

    Automated Data Retrieval Tool

    12-control panels with 240 auto-connect data-link to great information resources. Lightning fast portals like: reverse directories, credit reports, current loan rates, tax assessed values, county assessed values, plat maps, and more.

    Click for preview

    Brilliant Digital Color Logos and Images

    You can easily add stunning digital color with Adobe upgrades and this huge collection of 680-corporate and designation logos, and clip art - Free!

    View Logo List

    Data to forms Impregnation Tool
    View all the features!

    PDF® forms appear on screen, just like the paper ones you presently use, but with data-entry form fields.
    You can work with forms as they appear on screen, or enter your information via an interface panel, which will automatically impregnate most forms with common data you provide.

    Core Power Software Upgrades and Plug-in Accessories

    Free plug-in upgrades offer more features with additional functions.
    This provides unique business solutions that leave other software programs in the dust!


    Click to view plug-ins

    Smart Finance Calculators

    Access accurate and automated calculation of: adjustable rates, amortization, APR, yields, balloons, bimonthly payments, closing costs, credit grades, business values, estate tax, income qualification, inflation, mortgage payments, loan costs, monthly payment, points, settlement costs, and more!

    Automated mathematical calculations make estimates easy and fast.


    The Ultimate Legal Forms Resource


    Affidavits and Statements
    * Affidavit * AKA Statement
    * Addendum to Loan * Assets & Liabilities Statement
    * Compliance Agreement * Builders Sworn Construction Statement
    * Corporate Resolution * Contractors Affidavit
    * Loan Prepaids * Personal Financial Statement
    * Signature Affidavit * Sworn ID Statement
    Bonds and Easements
    * Performance Bond * Surety Bond
    * Easement * Conditional Payment Bond
    * Construction Bond * lender compromise
    Contracts and Leases
    * Bill of Sale * All Inclusive Promissory Note ^ Deed
    * Compliance Agreement * Assignment of Ground Lease's Security
    * Compliance Agreement * Confidentiality & Nondisclosure
    * Exchange Revocation * Fee Simple Deed Attornment
    * Office Lease Contract * Management Lease Contract
    * Option Exercise * Deposit Receipt Exchange Contract
    * Joint Venture * Joinder in Certificate of Payment
    * Listing Contract * Land Trust Addendum to Contract
    * Compliance Agreement * Non-disturbance Agreement
    * Exchange Revocation * Option to Repurchase
    * Exchange Replacement * Promissory Note
    * Net Lease Addendum * Real Estate Purchase Contract
    * Percentage Lease * New Home Build Contract
    * Land Sale Contract * Residential Sale Contract
    * New Build Contract * Right of First Refusal Real Estate Sale
    Declarations and Certificates
    * Borrowers 1st Payment * Certificate of Partnership
    * Compliance Agreement * Declaration of Trust
    * Compliance Agreement * Trust Estate Property Schedule
    * Trustee's Sale Notice * Limited Liability Certificate
    * Partnership Certificate * Multifamily Lessor's Estopple Certificate
    * Loan Options Brochure * Contract Clause Samples Library
    * Loan to Value Ratios * Loan Settlement Costs Manual
    * MIP Insurance Chart * Title Holding Methods Guide
    * Trustee Timeline Chart * Trust Estate Property Schedule
    * Data to Form Interface * 20 Digital Financial Calculators
    * Clip Art Collection * Data-link Information Portals Tool
    Flyers and Brochures
    * Your Closing Details * How Mortgage Insurance Works
    * PMI Canceling Details * Guide to Real Estate Terms
    * Loan Points Details * Privacy Policy Disclosure
    Deeds and Mortgages
    * 3-yr Prepay Lockout Multifamily Schedule Addendum
    * 3-yr Prepay Lockout 360 day Year Interest Accrual Addendum
    * 3-YR Prepayment Lockout Schedule B
    * Addendum to FHA Loan
    * Addendum to Land Trust
    * Promissory Note Secured by Deed of Trust
    * Assignment of Deed of Trust (Long)
    * Assignment of Deed of Trust (Short)
    * Assignment of Deed of Trust (MERS)
    * Quit Claim Deed * Deed of Trust
    * Grant Deed * Deed of Trust (CA)
    * Note 1 * Deed of Trust FNMA
    * Note 2 * Deed of Trust MERS
    * Note 3 * Multi-state New Construction Rider
    * Note * Modification to Leasehold Mortg-Note
    * Note Fixed Rate (CA) * Deed of Trust (CA)
    * Note Fixed Rate VA * Note Fixed Rate Multi-state
    * Itemized Prepaids * Note New Construction
    Trust Deeds (State specific)
    * Alabama * Alaska
    * Arizona * Arkansas
    * California * Colorado
    * Connecticut * Florida
    * Georgia * Hawaii
    * Idaho * Illinois
    * Michigan * Minnesota
    * Mississippi * Montana
      * More available in Deed Master Software
    Liens and Demands
    * Claim of Lien * Lien Contest Notice
    * Lien Waiver * Mechanics Lien Receipt & Waiver
    * UCC 1Ad * Multi-state Final Lien Waiver
    * UCC 1 * Multi-state Lien Waiver
    * UCC 3 Ad * UCC Correction Statement
    * UCC 3 Amendment * UCC 9 Guide
    Notary and Powers
    * Notary Individual * Notary Instrument
    * Statutory Power of Att. * Power of Attorney (NY)
    * Statutory Power of Attorney (short)
    Notices and Demands
    * Bond Notice * Demand for Compliance or Possession
    * Nonpayment Notice * Notice of Right to Cancel
    * Privacy Policy Disclosure Notice (Graam Act)
    Schedule A
    * Defeasance Prepayment Premium
    * 10 Year 9 1/2 Year Yield Maint Aggregation Prepayment
    * ARM Loan Graduated Prepayment Premium
    Schedule B
    * ARM Note Int Accrual 360 day Year Actual Calendar
    * ARM Note Int Accrual 360 day Year Actual Calendar Multifamily
    * ARM Year Term Prepayment Premium
    * Defeasance Interest Accrual 36o day Calendar
    * Defeasance Interest Accrual 36o day Calendar Multifamily
    * Defeasance Interest Accrual 36o day Year
    * Interest Accrual 360 day Year Actual Calendar Day
    * Interest Accrual 360 day Year Actual Calendar Day Multifamily
    * Leasehold Mortgage Loan Modification to Note Addendum
    * Leasehold Mortgage Loan Modification to Note Multifamily
    * Leasehold Mortgage Loan Modification to Note Multifamily
    * Schedule of Income Producing Properties
    * 1003 Residential Loan Application
    * Multifamily Loan Application
    And More!!!


      JUST $169


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