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e-PACK® 1003
Digital Loan Origination Suite



Skill Rating: 5.7 out of 6


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Complete digital PDF loan origination software system
  • Batch, extract, save, distribute, e-mail or submit documents with free integrated ProForce plug-in, created by MapSoft of Great Britain (PDF or Approval)
  • Search wizard finds lenders, special funding or grants, property tax data, valuations, economic indicators/forecasts, demographics, and more (deluxe version)
  • Real-time access to rates, loan calculators, credit bureaus, and more (deluxe version)
  • Enter your information once, and data is automatically applied to nearly every form
  • Data wizard automates document preparation (never miss an important field)
  • Auto calculations function for common origination document mathematical fields
  • Free Integrated e-mail plug-in provides total audit trail of transaction (PDF or Approval)
  • Free online user guides, manuals and accessory plug-ins for additional features
  • e-PACK has an easy to use interface to minimize learning curves and facilitate rapid implementation.
  • Advanced Internet integrated help menu with free 24-hour online support
  • Internet access tool offers 240 preset links to valuable data and information (deluxe version)
  • Free online training movies and videos
"WYSIWYG" technology; eliminates learning curve and data interface templates
  • Easy power core upgrades with free plug-in add-ons, and free accessories
  • Guaranties Federal and State compliance with exact document replication
  • Open upgrade Adobe PDF digital cored architecture
  • Dynamic form fields with preset smart action functions and data-entry
  • Multiform data interface wizard results in more complete information
  • Digital calculators for multiple rate rounding conventions, accrual calculations and more: including actual/365, actual/360, actual/actual, 5/25-7/23 balloons, yield, etc. (deluxe version)
  • Free communicate directly with existing client and lender relationships upgrade options
  • Can be reliably run on all Windows platforms including; Windows NT 4.0, NT Server, 2000 Server, Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000 and Windows XP
  • PDF application core assures originator, client, and lender "speak the same language."
  • Can be reliably posted and used on Internet and Intranet web-sites (PDF)
  • Can be reliably run on all Macintosh platforms (special order)
  • Provides open Java Script, FDF, CGI, database, and API interface for developers (PDF)
e-P A C K - A D D I T I O N A L _F E A T U R E S:
Text, Check-box, Drop-down, Radio Button Fields
1003 URLA loan applications 1003 URLA addendum's
borrower's first payment information brokers price opinion
conditional loan approval credit report authorization
equal credit opportunity disclosure fair lending notice
employment verification business/credit verification
good faith estimate multifamily loan application
income validation request title holding methods flyer
notice of flood hazard notice of right to cancel
transfer of service disclosure personal financial statement
truth in lending disclosure prepaid charges disclosure
mortgage verification rent verification
settlement costs disclosure loan/payment consumer flyers new!
trans union credit application underwriting and transmittal summary
Gramm-Leach-Bliley privacy information act disclosure
Quick Document Searches

Sorting through 288 smart documents and digital tools could be time consuming. However, e-PACK's explorer-tree menu with 10-categories of expanding folders makes finding single forms easy!Click to Zoom

FYI: You can create or edit folders and also relocate any form by simple drag and drop with PDF 4 or 5

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Order the CD-ROM version to be shipped to you:

Order a Downloadable Version (11MB)

Text, Check-box, Drop-down, Radio Button Fields

e-PACK 1003 electronic PDF forms have preset smart functions like; automated math calculations, credit card verification, multiform data-impregnation, click to browse and replace images, e-mail communications, clearing form field data, advanced help, with data-fields like, drop-menu, check-box, radio button, and text-fill.
Includes text-fillable contracts like: good faith estimate, URLA 1003 #85 & 65 and multifamily loan applications, personal financial statement, credit report applications, settlement cost estimate, truth in lending disclosure, underwriting and transmittal summary, and many-more!

view sample form

Smart Form Samples Main Directory

288 hard disk space

Win 9x/NT/ME/2000/XP

Mac (special order)


Quick Document Preparation

e-PACK features a new dynamic interface with multiform automated data insert functions!

1. Fill-in one single form -- just as it appear on screen, and dynamic wizards automatically insert your data into multiple e-PACK forms
2. Fill the data interface panel fields and the wizard automatically inserts your data into multiple documents

Zoom Image
Borrower benefits
  • Speeds closing by relieving underwriter from clerical burden of assembling, revising and faxing loan document packages
  • Improves the borrower’s experience by helping to provide a easier closing process
  • Lender, broker and borrower can enter basic information – saving valuable time
Small Size and Locked Format!

PDF format embeds the page layout, fonts, colors, and graphics in a universal electronic format that preserves dynamic regardless of conflicting hardware or software, anyone can fill-in and complete your documents. The forms are distributable friendly compact size and can be viewed, navigated, filled or printed as an exact replicate of the original document, using PDF Reader®.

  We would highly recommend Digital Office to any agent or organization looking for a competitive edge in the fast changing world of technology software.

Mike Vanderheyden *GM * RE/MAX Professionals


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Order the CD-ROM version to be shipped to you:

Order a Downloadable Version (11MB)

Accessory Plug-in Wizard

Effortlessly combine multiple scattered contracts into one-single and tidy transaction file!

Our free plug-in wizard accessory will do just that and automatically create a new desktop folder - then save your single transaction file, and finish by also attaching forms to an e-mail message it opens so you can close or send them!

Infinite page range options like: "1-3, 9, 22-43"
* Plug-in Requires $39 PDF Approval

Superb distribution and communication functions
  • When loan documents are complete and ready for submission, originators can submit loan requests and documents to lenders using the semi-automated linked engine (deluxe version PDF or Approval users)
  • Loan originators can electronically transmit loan requests and documents directly to lenders and clients, with or without digital signatures (PDF or Approval)
  • Lenders and clients can review, comment and text-fill e-PACK loan origination documents
  • Lenders and clients can electronically fill-in and e-mail return e-PACK documents
  • Loan documents can be exported separately or as a batch file set and saved and/or e-mail to lenders, associates or clients for review, comment or completion (PDF or Approval)
Easy Communication
Click to view plug-ins

e-PACK features seamless features to interface with your other software and expand functions like e-mail communication and much more!

With e-PACK PDF software you have unique digital actions that simply are unbeatable!

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COMPARE IT . . .  e-PACK® Typical
Approval drafts
2 Passes Many
e-mail Slow fax
Yes No
Yes No
Speeds closing
Yes No
Aids borrowers
Yes No
Paperless close Yes No
Automated Math Loan Comparison Flyers

e-PACK digital loan comparison open house flyers have automated mathematical calculation and dynamic functions with easy click-browse-replace image* other features that make creating flyers fast and fun!

Start providing flyer handouts for Realtor associates holding open house tours and reap the income benefits.
* Feature Requires $39 PDF Approval Program

View all the features!
Order the CD-ROM version to be shipped to you:

Order a Downloadable Version (11MB)

Always Expandable
Click to view plug-ins

Wide varieties of accessories plug-ins and upgrades are available anytime for additional features and functions. Better still, PDF®, Business®, or Approval® software by Adobe® offer expandable power cores which seamlessly interface with e-PACK!

With e-PACK PDF software you can easily custom-tailor your own unique business solution that leave competitor's in the dust! Example

Lender benefits
  • Shortens closing timeline
  • Reduced legal fees
  • Allows paperless closings
  • Simplifies document review
  • Increased document security
  • Allows paperless file storage
  • Supports digital signatures
  • Enables electronic delivery
  • Integrates with other web-based solution
  • Provides lenders with a competitive advantage in the market
  • Turnkey web-based document preparation system capable (PDF or Approval)
  • Lender, broker or borrower can enter basic information – saving attorney time
  • Relieves underwriter clerical burden of assembling, revising and faxing loan document package
Futuristic Creations

Widely recognized for pioneering futuristic new technology and cutting-edge software, e-PACK and other ProForce software programs, each represent a true masterpiece.

Regularly featured by print house editorial staff --like Realtor Magazine and others.
ProForce software has won accolades from throughout the industry!

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Integrates with existing software, database, network or web-site (PDF)
  • ODBC compatible and customizable for external compatibility
  • One time software license -- no transaction or annual fees
  • Interacts with other dissimilar software programs and platforms
  • Microsoft Access database custom compatibility
  • Open format database schema to ODBC/XML
  • Highly scalable with numerous upgrades and plug-ins
  • Turnkey web based document preparation system ready
  • Compatible with Oracle, XML, Access, MS-SQL and other database formats
Boring Paper Manuals are Obsolete
Click to view plug-ins

Wide varieties of free online training videos make learning new software features easy and fun!

Advanced movie controls offer functions like "pause"--so you can now learn at your own pace!

Better still, the e-PACK help menu seamlessly connects with many other online support features like: free accessory upgrades, plug-ins, advanced print manuals, user tips, and editing guides!

e-PACK also includes free 24-hour online technical support.

Order the CD-ROM version to be shipped to you:

Order a Downloadable Version (11MB)

Smart Digital Form Actions

Click to view sample

Automated charge card verification, auto-math calculations, and other digital action features are standard with e-PACK.

Auto-math calculation and multiple form data impregnation for common data-entry makes document preparation far faster, and saves tons of valuable business time!

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e-PACK® 1003 Loan Origination Software Suite


Order the CD-ROM version to be shipped to you:

Order a Downloadable Version (11MB)


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