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PayPal Shops
The PayPal Shops is an exciting and diverse directory
of web site stores and merchants who accept PayPal payments. ProForce software is proud of it's allegiance with PayPal, where over 12 million customers shop for merchandise.

Global Digital Markets Ltd. (GDM)
This ProForce distributor is the leading global provider of digital distribution services. Online Resellers use GDM to provide digitally delivered products (software, music, documents, images, etc.) to their customers. GDM, based in the United Kingdom, through strategic alliance with distribution throughout rich Internet Reseller networks to end users around the world.
DigiBuy Incorporated
DigiBuy is an e-commerce and marketplace provider which offers our Digital Office software programs and others, an opportunity to showcase products and create affiliated partnership that leverages both publisher and retailer channels by placing software products in their high-traffic online retail network.
ProForce channel partner Quickload, offers instant download software with advanced encrypted SSL transaction processing. In other words, the transmission from our server forms a matched pair with the transmission from your computer, so that only data to and from these sources can be valid. The information received from you is totally safe! With this high level of security and ease of use, your electronic commerce transaction is guaranteed secure. 
Digital River Incorporated
Founded in 1994, Digital River, Inc. (NASDAQ: DRIV), the world's largest Commerce Service Provider (CSP), Representing more than 6,000 publishers and 1,300 online retailers, they house and manage the world's largest inventory of more than 220,000 digital products. Digital River has 395 employees with global operations headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and markets ProForce software through DigiBuy subsidiary.
KONICA Copiers Incorporated
Konica entered the business machines market in 1971 with the introduction of Japan's first photographic plain paper copier. Since then, Konica has brought together a full line of digital printers, copiers, facsimile and multifunctional products as well as application software solutions to meet the demands of our customers' busy office environments. Today, Konica develops award winning document solutions that include select ProForce Software programs.
Realty Star Inc.
One stop shopping for motivated Real Estate Professionals. Along with a full line of PROFORCE software, RealtyStar represents the industry's leading software developers and offers an extensive range of Contact Management, Productivity, Presentation, Prospecting, Network and Web-based solutions. Dedicated to the North American Real Estate Industry since 1992, RealtyStar provides toll-free assistance, including evenings and weekends at: 1-877-535-7755
RegNow Corporation
The Digital River subsidiary RegNow is located in Issaquah, near the sunny setting of Seattle, Washington, and was built from the ground up by software authors who couldn't find the flexibility they needed elsewhere. Innovative per-product "scripting technology" allowed them to build a software registration and delivery system with a worldwide reach, and offers ProForce and other manufacturers products for sale up on big name sites like and many others, driving their hits to your order forms. Inc.
Tucows is best known among the general consumer audience for two things: 1) its quirky name, and 2) its huge library of downloadable software. Tucows is a leading distributor of wholesale digital products to a unique network of more than 5,000 software Resellers, in more than 100 countries. Tucows' Software Library has also grown to become one of the most popular sites on the Internet with more than 100 million page views per month. Approximately six million unique visitors access Tucows' library of 30,000 rated and reviewed software titles!
Z-Law Software Inc.
Z-LAW has been providing quality real estate software to discerning users since 1990. They have satisfied clients in all 50 states and, currently, 23 foreign countries. Each and every program they offer has been specifically chosen to save you time, money, and help you be more successful in real estate. Z-Law "The Complete Real Estate Software" quarterly catalog mailer is legendary for offering comprehensive information on real estate software.
WinCorp Virtual Software Inc.
WinCorp Software's Virtual Software Store resells and electronically distribute software over the Internet, and consistently sells numerous ProForce products, as an partner Merchant. They allow manufacturers like us to reach markets all over the globe. They have been doing this since 1996, so they have the experience and expertise required to make this profitable software product channels.
MicroWarehouse Inc.
MicroWarehouse.Com is a 2.2 billion dollar Reseller, and publisher of one of the top-grossing direct mail catalogs worldwide! The division is one of the fastest growing computer Resellers on the Internet which offers ProForce Software programs, and 22,000 other products.
Residential Property Investors Inc.
Well known online home advertising marketplace added the ProForce product line to all their Internet stores, in May of 2000. Operating a series of exceptional consumer real estate related storefronts, with offerings reaching from services and books, to software! Many people have found just what they needed through these high-traffic Internet stores that contain a warehouse of goodies.
Trusted Software Store uses advanced encrypted SSL on every transaction process. In other words, the transmission from our server forms a matched pair with the transmission from your computer, so that only data to and from these sources can be valid. This high level of security is used to offer the ProForce family of Software titles in downloadable format.
Software Nirvana Downloads
Software Nirvana is a software provider at the forefront of secure electronic software distribution (ESD) technology, and provide thousands of software titles from leading publishers like ProForce, for instant download. Software Nirvanas' storefront is available in multiple currencies and languages including English, French, German, Portuguese, Swedish and Spanish.
Real Estate Marketing Solutions
Sunbelt Web Solutions, LLC was founded in April of 2000 by Shayne Pruitt. Shayne has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years and brings to the Web an impressive new software storefront, Shayne and his associates at Sunbelt also provide truly exceptional Website creation and hosting services! "Our specialty is helping individuals and small businesses succeed in today's electronic global marketplace."
Softchoice Inc.
If you need it, they have it. With over 150,000 products from more than 3,000 vendors, with unparalleled software selections. Founded in 1989, Softchoice is North America's fastest growing software Reseller with over 35 branches. At present Softchoice is test-marketing some of the ProForce Software titles.
Lycos has the largest global footprint of any Internet portal with more than 140 sites in 41 countries through its network of Web sites as well as through joint venture partnerships. At present LYCOS -markets some of the ProForce Software programs.
The ShopFind engine was founded in August 2000 to meet the growing demand for a marketplace where small and medium sized businesses could advertise their products or services without having to spend thousands of dollars each month. We have now developed partnerships with many large search providers and web sites. Unlike many search engines, we limit our search partners to high-quality sites. We are proud to list prominent ProForce software vendor storefronts at our site.
DealTime Inc.
DealTime®, the leading shopping search engine works for merchants and manufacturers, to connect shoppers directly to the Web’s best stores that are carrying the products they’re shopping for. DealTime works to send qualified, in-market buyers to ProForce Software affiliates and e-commerce sites.
ebay Realty Software Store
eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY; is the world's largest online marketplace. Founded in September 1995, eBay is the leading online marketplace for the sale of goods and services by a diverse eBay community of 29.7 million registered users. The ProForce products can be found in the new ebay-Stores shopping section.
Broadcast Software Corp.
Software Unboxed, in conjunction with Ziff-Davis, puts our software in the hands of 1.1 million buyers. Software Unboxed CD-ROM contains ProForce trial software bundled with the regular subscription issues of Ziff-Davis' PC Computing and Computer Life magazines.
The Real Estate Consultant
Unquestionable one of the largest web sites on the Internet, The Real Estate Consultant is literally a playground for adults. You can find ProForce Software at their storefront, or for that matter anything else; so you better pack a lunch!
Software Station
Established in 1998, strives to be a leader in the electronic download market. Why go to a store? They offer instant download delivery with every purchase, including many of our ProForce titles!
Marshall & Swift Inc.
Marshall & Swift is the leader in collecting, processing and distributing residential and commercial building cost data for insurance underwriting and claims, property appraisal, tax assessment, construction and local, state and federal government agencies. Marshall & Swift compiles cost data for new construction, reconstruction and repair and remodeling.
Abacus Corporation
Free directory of home foreclosures, loans and mortgages, calculators, forms and contracts, home improvement tools, listing resources and more.
Cybertiendas Corporation
Established in 1997, Cybertiendas is leader in music and software market, and is an affiliate of Buyonet International, with both offering ProForce software.
VerticalNet Corporation
Verticalnet is an enterprise provider that helps businesses fully leverage the Internet to achieve excellence in their internal and external business processes. Their solutions make it easy for organizations like ProForce to share information and conduct commerce with trading partners.
REALS Corporation
The original Realtor storefront! Find information Boxes/Tubes, REALTOR Logo Items, Business Card Magnets, Literature Displays, Key Boxes, Stickers, Calculators, Open House Tools, Riders, Signs, Pennants, Videos, Real Estate Theme Clothing & Jewelry, Door-hangers, Client Cards, software, Books, Advertising Specialty Products/Items and much more. Inc. opened its virtual doors in July 1995, Today, is the place to find and discover anything you want to buy online. We're very proud that 29 million people in more than 160 countries have made us the leading online shopping site. The ProForce products will joining the Amazon storefronts in the winter of 2000
Buyonet International Inc.
Buyonet International is headquartered in Seattle, WA, with offices in Florida, Texas, and Sweden, and major investor owners are Prudential Insurance Company of America, and AB Sure, a public venture capital company in Sweden. Buyonet offers ProForce software product distribution with a global reach, and a showcase store offering instant delivery of the ProForce programs.
The VeriSign Trust Network (VTN) provides a globally interoperable digital certificate infrastructure through a trusted network of Certification Authorities throughout the world, providing automated transaction services for vendors like ProForce, through 20 worldwide affiliates.
National BankCard Systems
Credit card transactions are essential to handling large volumes of online orders every day. NBS help ProForce and other business owners with credit card processing services. Inc. is the most comprehensive online source for business information. is an ultra high quality business search directory, with very strict guidelines for web sites that are included, and each site must be reviewed, approved, and hand picked and placed by an actual Editor. We are very proud to be affiliated with, who gains us an advantage in marketing our products.
Computer Information Center
The Computer Information Center is the top one-stop reference resource for corporate IT, computers and communications professionals. Millions of IT users worldwide rely on the Web-based support resources at Computer Information Center. ProForce Software Corporation is proud to be listed in the International Software Manufacturer section of this great site.
INT Media Group Inc.
INT Media Group (Nasdaq: INTM), headquartered in Darien, CT, is a leading provider of global real-time news, information and media resources for Internet industry, information technology professionals, web developers, and experienced Internet users. ProForce products can be found at this great site!
ECG Company
The goal of the ECG company is to provide the single best source of independent, up-to-date information about electronic commerce services and products. They review Software, e-commerce sites, including Auction Builders, Commerce Servers, Payment Solutions, Portal Sites, and Storefront Builders. Find out what's hot, what's no. And yes...ProForce Software is in the what's hot section
Internet Product Watch
When ProForce released the Digital Office 5.0 software series, Internet Product Watch was one of the first to run a feature article that touted the numerous features. There rave white paper reviews continue to this very day and as such, Internet Product Watch is an integral cog in the ProForce software marketing gearbox.
NexTag Inc.
The NexTag award winning web-site boasts: Best of the Web, February 2000, The Top 100 Web Sites ZD Net PC Magazine, April 26, 2000, and a slew of other awards! Many sites -- promote comparison shopping or volume discounts, but Nextag adds the ability to bargain and dicker over a merchant's listed prices. NexTag helps promote ProForce special priced software titles.
Goldberg and Associates
Goldberger & Associates law firm operates this fabulous site. Since 1996 this site has been listed with, and recommended by, literally hundreds of professional organizations and online directories throughout the world, including most state bar, medical associations and federal agencies, all major law and medical libraries, plus countless business, real estate, financial and professional groups. We're very proud that ProForce is affiliated with this exceptional, and soundly established site.
Broker Agent News
With roots tracing back to 1994, Broker Agent News fills the evolving informational needs of real estate professionals across the country. ProForce software products and Industry information from a multitude of leading real estate industry providers, is delivered to a membership/subscriber base of over 300,000 real estate professionals nationwide by this excellent firm.
Texas A&M Real Estate Center
A comprehensive
directory of more than 900 firms that were identified by the Real Estate Center as having exceptional real estate related software. The Real Estate Center staff takes every effort to make this directory complete, and only those firms responding to their survey questionnaires are included. ProForce is pleased to be affiliated with the Texas A & M Real Estate Centers -- "ultimate" software directory.
searchBOSS Inc.
Rawhide Internet Services – a leading Internet traffic management company – runs and manages SearchBoss, an advanced pay-for-performance search engine. In addition to offering additional revenue opportunities, SearchBoss helps advertisers drive relevant traffic to their websites. The ProForce products joining the searchBOSS partner program in the summer of 2000
Sprinks Corporation
ProForce affiliation began when launched in May 2000 with the mission of matching users with their interests. There are a lot of strange search results out there and we wanted to make it easier for you to find what you seek. Sprinks helps eliminate time consuming visits with sites that use tricks to get listed in traditional search engines. By screening advertisers for relevance, we can make sure your quest for information about cats doesn't end up tiring out your mouse
MapSoft Computer Services Ltd.
Mapsoft Computer Services Ltd. has been pioneering breakthrough PDF accessory plug-in's and software for Adobe, ProForce, Fortune 500 Companies, and consumers since 1991 Mapsoft plug-in's are an integral part to ProForce software, and core to virtual limitless custom business solutions. Contact ProForce or MapSoft to consult and develop your special business solution!
LiveWire Inc.
You've seen Intrinsic Media Technologies beautiful feathered angel wings everywhere! They've been featured in the movies; on TV (The ABC series Teen Angel and L'eggs commercials); plus numerous recent magazine layouts. Now they are happy to bring their wings to you on this new web-site. The ProForce products joined LiveWire in the fall of 2000.
Bitpipe Technology Inc.
ProForce Software developed relationship in the Spring of 2001 with Bitpipe, the leading syndicate of in-depth information technology. Bitpipe distributes content from over 3,200 leading IT vendors and over 50 top analyst firms like; Gartner, IDC, Meta Group, and Yankee Group. Bitpipe Network reaches 21.7 million visitors through agreements with Yahoo!, CNET, ZDNet, InformationWeek, COMDEX, ITworld, Computerworld, TechRepublic and 30 other leading business-related websites.
TightLink delivers the world's only collaborative case management application suite designed for enterprises with complex sales and support channels. Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Berkeley, California, TightLink powers Internet storefronts like Buyonet and other sites selling ProForce software products worldwide. registers over 6,000 hits per day, and was created by 4th generation Southern California native, Realtor Michael Stark to assist buyers & sellers with residential & commercial properties in SoCal. The site provides free sales comps, demographics, & essential real estate info, along with live chat rooms, news feeds, free real estate posting forum, buyer property search engines, online & off-line listing campaigns, & inventory research for Buyers,and tons of real estate listings and links.
Realtor Magazine
Mike Antoniak is a freelance journalist, who writes frequently on technology through his newsletters titled; TECH WATCH Real estate technology news analysis. Mike highlighted the ProForce Digital Contracts 4.0 Software in the same month that Realtor Magazine featured it in print as product of the month pick
Metamend Software Design Ltd.
ProForce affiliated Metamend Software and Design Ltd. was created by a group of developers/ web site operators, frustrated with the amount of repetitive time and work it took to utilize search engines, and equally frustrated with the quality of results queries. Combining their knowledge and skills, they launched metamend search engine in May, 2000.
RE/MAX Professionals
RE/MAX Professionals of Maple Grove, Minnesota utilizes ProForce Software as an integral part of their technology platform for the 54 agents in their organization. The software provides flyers, brochures, newsletters, contracts, tools, and an Internet control panel that makes integrating web information into their agent's everyday business practice easy, while gaining a competitive edge!
Miva Corporation
Founded in 1996, Miva Corporation is a leading supplier of e-commerce software and services to small and medium-sized businesses. Miva Marketplace is a new automated marketing service integrated with Miva Merchant that drives targeted shoppers to Miva storefronts. Miva offers and hosts ProForce software for our various affiliated merchants.
FSauctions was established in November 1999 and is the online auction site from Freeserve, a part of Dixons, Europe's leading consumer electronics retailer. ProForce Merchant Partner Auctions - allows us to offer special priced and discontinued ProForce software titles, to over 2-million Freeserve members and worldwide Internet shoppers.
E2open is a ProForce affiliate offering collaboration among OEMs, manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers, and supports the entire product lifecycle,from design, manufacturing, procurement, exchanges, to B2B sealed bids for computing, and consumer products. E2open was formed by Acer, Hitachi, IBM, LG Electronics, Lucent Technologies, Matsushita (Panasonic), Nortel, Seagate, Solectron and Toshiba.
the premier information source for the Government Contracting industry. Find products and suppliers, read current headlines, and keep up with the latest information in your professional community.
Realty Guide International
RealtyGuide International contains links to millions of the Internet's real estate oriented resources, including software sites like the ProForce Corporate storefront. Realtors'® web sites, and realty professionals worldwide. You can find plenty of information to help you buy, sell or finance real estate.
A Nevada corporation formed in December 1995, Creative Edge Enterprises, Inc. entered the Internet design industry by designing and maintaining its own web sites that included "The Casino Net", "Gambler's Corner", "Sports and Race Books", and "Mall on the Net". Building on the success of these initial sites, Creative Edge expanded its business to provide the same quality design, hosting, and site maintenance for a variety of personal and commercial web clients
Coldwell Banker Burnet
Coldwell Banker Corporate Headquarters in Edina, Minnesota utilized ProForce PDF digital software contracts as part of their Internet support for over 5400 company affiliates. The PDF forms solution
allows their agents to easily fill in real estate form data and then distribute or submit from within your Web browser
InfoUSA Inc.
infoUSA is the original source of data for over 14 million US and Canadian businesses, with over three million proprietary customers using its databases. infoUSA offers and hosts the ProForce e-commerce marketplace storefront.
The Vandema network is presently receiving over 70,000 daily unique visitors per month. Vandema unique and highly targeted visitor traffic provides ProForce and others, a highly qualified audience for advertising and promotion with commercial real estate investors, professionals and service providers in North America
BTSoftware established its business in the Netherlands on May 27th 1986, specializing in the field of software programming and project management. BTSoftware expanded its business in 1997 to the shareware market handling shareware registration and distribution, at first in Europe only, currently worldwide. They strive to offer prompt and courteous service to customers by fast electronic ordering and delivery
BinaryThing runs a network of related Web sites dedicated to electronic publishing (ePublishing), combining news, information, articles, discussion forums and an online store. The brand-new online software store for Creative, Print and Web publishing professionals. Instantly purchase and download more than 250 products from 45 companies
Launched in 1997, has grown into the largest and most comprehensive real estate portal directory on the web with over 100,000 links to real estate related web sites throughout the world. As well as receiving over 10,000 links from Real Estate and Real Estate related sites like ProForce Software Corporation.
MySite, Inc. was first incorporated in November of 1997. Founded by Michael T. Glaspie, whose accomplishments in the field of direct marketing utilizing the latest technological advancements available have been legendary, with proven marketing strategies.
The CREF Tech Registry is a searchable directory of companies like ProForce, that provide technology solutions and products for commercial real estate finance. The CREF Tech Registry is one of many technology initiatives sponsored by the Mortgage Bankers Association, the premier association of real estate finance.
The Realty House Headquarters in Edina, Minnesota, consists of over 71 individual Licensed Brokers that use custom multi-user ProForce PDF Architecture software to provide the ultimate real estate e-business platform for their talented brokers.
Exchanging links helps ProForce improve the traffic (by increased visibility, and by extra scoring in major search engines counting number of links as an important scoring factor).This is not just another automatic link generating service. They give personal attention to every link
Carta joined the ProForce Partner Plan October of 2001. Carta's nationwide B2B e-commerce site provides fast and efficient office supplies, products and services like: laser printers, color printers, warranties, fax toners, drum cartridges, printer inks, specialty supplies and much more

South Carolina is the home to this ecommerce software storefront. Take an online stroll at this great store or call them toll-free
at 1-866-798-8000
Coldwell Banker sales leader Paul Larson of Minnetonka, Minnesota utilized ProForce PDF digital software contracts in his daily business and decided to start an e-commerce site to share it with over 5400 company affiliates, and others.
Small business leader Brad Obert distributes and sells ProForce products from two great e-commerce Web-sites.
Oberware Software
Take a peek at one of Brad's sites today!


Widely recognized for pioneering futuristic technology and cutting-edge software creations,

In short, ProForce is not just preparing for future software technology, we're actually defining it!

Our distribution and channel merchant partners are key facets of a uniquely profitable and mutually beneficial worldwide commerce plan.

Free marketing tools, web-site store templet's, print material, custom tools, and other partner aid support solutions are provided.

Should you desire creating relationships with ProForce call 800-651-5520, and see how we can help you increase revenue and success.

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